I have created a username in your system. How can I tell if my circle is registered on the map or not?

Creating a personal profile (username + password) in our system is the first step. This will then allow you to register your circle on the map, so women can find you and join. Simply having a username does not mean that your circle is registered to the map.

If you do not have a circle on the map yet, when you login and go to your My Circles page, you will see a message highlighted in blue that says, “There were no groups found” or it will list other sister circles you are a member of.

If your circle is registered and on the map, when you log into your My Circles page, you will scroll down and see your circle (and any other circle you’re a part of) listed.

After looking at your My Circles page, you should be clear if you have registered your circle or not! If you need to register your circle to the map, here’s the link: http://www.globalsisterhood.org/circles/create/step/group-details/