How do I create a new event?

From the “My Circles page”, you will find the list of Circles you facilitate or are a member of. Select the Circle you would like to create an event for (some sisters are members or facilitators of more than one circle. If you are only registered for one circle, simply select that one). This will take you to the Circle’s page, where you will click on "Events" in the lefthand menu.

  • Select the grey box "Create new event."
  • Enter your event details: Give a name for your event. Select which circle will be hosting this event by using the dropdown box below "Host Circle." Select date, time and time zone (searchable by UTC or by Region/City). Enter location details and description for your event. Be sure to indicate if there is no physical location for the event by checking the appropriate box.
  • Select a photo, then "Submit Event."
We've also created an instructional Loom video on this topic: