Can you hold a circle online?

The process is quite similar to leading a regular circle. Zoom is a great platform to use. Once everyone has joined the video call, rather than jumping right in, simply ask everyone to close their eyes and lead them through a presencing meditation to set the space. Invite them to envision that they are in a circle with candles in the center (describe the space for them in beautifying but concise detail). Then set the guidelines of a safe space.

From here, simply share about the monthly theme, how you relate to it, and invite some questions and exercises. Follow this with an organized sharing. Perhaps set a timer for each share. At some point in the session, lead the Heart Meditation. At the end of it have each woman set their new moon intentions and share them with the group in one sentence. You can do sharing a couple of times, one before the ritual and one after, and you can throw in any activity of your own inspiration. At the end, guide the women back into the same visualization as before and have everyone imagine blowing out the candle at the end.  Happy circling!